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What is the difference between property watch and property management?

Property Watch is for home owners that are not in residence and would like weekly inspection of their property while they are away.

Property Management is for landlords that would like a direct point of contact with their tenants to take care of any maintenance or repair needs that may arise.

Why do I need a Property Watch service?

Many things can happen to your home in your absence such as water leaks, electrical problems, insects, mold, and storm damage, to name a few. Even if you have a trusted neighbor or relative nearby, having a professional acting on your behalf is a much better and more effective option.

How do I cancel my Property Watch service when I am returning home?

You are free to cancel your service with 30 days notice.

Do I need to have a weekly inspection?

Yes. It is important that your home be inspected weekly, while it is vacant, because any issue that may arise will need to be addressed immediately. A leak, electrical problem, insect infestation, mold or storm damage will need to be remedied as soon as identified.

Do I have to be a Property Watch or Property Management client to request Property Services?

No.  We are happy to advise you and suggest a course of action for any repair or maintenance need as well as for larger projects such as home renovation.  Our staff includes an interior designer that can guide you with your selections as well.

Do you offer housesitting services if I am at work and cannot meet with a contractor or maintenance service?

Yes, we do. HPM is happy to housesit at an hourly rate.  

Is your company licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed in home improvement and real estate. An insurance certificate can be furnished upon request. All of our subcontractors are fully licensed and insured as well. License # 13VH09325900.

What will happen if the inspector finds a situation at my home?

Hilltop Property Management has the experience and judgment that will allow any situation to be handled with a swift and knowledgeable response. If the situation is an emergency, it will be handled in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way. In a non-emergency situation, you will be contacted to discuss and implement a course of action.

How are Property Watch inspections scheduled and when will I know the outcome of my inspection?

Your Property Watch inspection will always be on the same day of the week. Your inspector will email you the same day to inform you of any findings and give you peace of mind.

If I have Rental Property Management, will I be informed if my tenant calls HPM with an issue or request?

Yes, in a non-emergent situation, the landlord will be contacted for approval before any work, requested by a tenant, is performed. In an emergency situation, the situation will be remedied in the safest, fastest, and most cost effective way.

What is the fee for Property Services?

Property Services are a 20% upcharge over contractor pricing. HPM has relationships with many subcontractors and vendors and has access to discounts not available to the public. Oftentimes, the 20% upcharge is very minimal compared to the publicly offered rate.