Rates dependent on size and complexity of home.

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 Our Office —
4 Joliet Street | PO Box 13
Oldwick, NJ 08858


Property Watch

Interior Inspection

  • Security System

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Door and window security

  • Fridge/ freezer function and mold check

  • Run faucets

  • General visual inspection for vandalism, pest infestation, mold and leaks

  • Cycling of dishwasher and washing machine upon request

  • Fuel level check for propane or oil

Exterior Inspection

Visual inspection of lawn, landscaping, roof, gutters, window screens and pool
Mailbox check and removal of newspapers and unwanted flyers

Additional Services Upon Request

  • Contractor evaluation

  • Snow removal

  • Check and start autos

  • Water indoor plants

  • Emergency contact for alarm

  • Post-storm inspection

  • Firewood delivery and stacking

  • Seasonal closing and opening of home

Property Management

Leased Properties

  • Direct point of contact with tenant

  • 24-hour contact number for tenant

  • Priority service and cost effective solutions for repairs and maintenance utilizing the knowledge of a licensed contractor and vendor database

  • Quarterly interior inspections upon request

  • Greet new tenants and information exchange

  • Informational updates and emails

Property Services

  • Cleaning services

  • Home or appliance repairs

  • Renovation or addition

  • Lawn maintenance and treatment

  • Tree maintenance and spraying

  • Irrigation maintenance, start-up and winterization

  • Generator maintenance and service

  • Pool maintenance, opening and closing

  • Pest control services

  • Trash removal

  • Snow removal

  • Home organization

  • Creating a digital reference guide for appliances and devices